Rachael Recommends June 2021

Posted by Rachael McDonald on June 9, 2021

Naked Nutrition Organic Brown Rice Protein

We don't offer this product for sale in-house here at HAPT, but it may be something worth ordering for yourself. We offer Naked's whey and pea protein powder, which are both are excellent protein supplements for health and muscle building. But, just because we don't sell rice protein does not mean it is not the proper choice for you.

Rice protein supplements (powders), like pea protein, are vegan-friendly and cause less digestive distress than whey protein powders do. Some people choose to use a rice or pea protein powder after experiencing gas or bloating from the whey protein. If you use whey, trust me, you'll know if you're experiencing this!

Because whey contains a more robust amino acid (the building blocks of muscle) profile than vegan protein powders do, we typically suggest trying whey protein first (unless you know you have a dairy sensitivity or allergy). If you experience digestive discomfort, pea or rice proteins are excellent alternatives.

Even though rice and pea proteins offer less complete amino acid profiles, they are still just as beneficial when it comes to building muscle. Since our bodies often do well with variety, I like to recommend people switch up what protein powder they enjoy.

Lastly, I really love that this product is organic. Naked Nutrition does a really great job of sourcing good ingredients for their supplements and protein powders. This one is definitely worth a try!

Standing Desk

Exercise and movement that is the most effective, yields maximum benefit, and is least likely to cause injury, considers posture. Posture isn't talked about enough and should be considered way more in daily life.

Whenever we plan your workouts, we always consider your posture and how we can improve it. We know that if we do not do this, somewhere down the line you will likely get injured. But, you're only with us for a few measly hours each week. Even the best trainer would have an uphill battle attempting to "neutralize" your posture after hours on end spent in poor positions with little or no thought to proper posture.

One of the best things I can suggest is a standing desk. Whether you work from home, or in an office elsewhere, a standing desk can really help improve your posture, lessen the strain on your back and muscles, and keep your body in better shape to handle movement. I recommend spending a little extra to get an electronically adjustable desk so you can easily adjust from sitting to standing.

Click HERE to see how to set up your standing desk ergonomically (ideal for your posture).

Water Bottle Straw Lid

I recently purchased a straw lid for my Hydroflask. It was a game-changer for me. No joke. I have had a Hydroflask for years, but never purchased the straw lid. I am now asking myself why it took me so long to spend the $8! 

It seems like such a silly, small thing. I always got my daily "rule-of-thumb," half my body weight in ounces of water, but I didn't enjoy it. I would end up chugging water a few times a day to make certain I consumed my daily dose. But now I sip on my water pleasantly.

I challenge you to purchase any water bottle with a straw lid and see if you don't drink more water each day. And I know I don't need to remind you of just why drinking water is oh-so-important... right? 

Thanks for checking out my list! I believe these products will benefit and add to your life or I wouldn't put my name to them.



Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels